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  SevercanSp v3.3 Screen shoot

What is SevercanSp?
  • A program for handling and auto collection of Fourier Transform Infrared data.
  • Very easy to use, makes complex data manipulations simple.
  • Reads direct from .sp files and writes data in Excel format.
  • Automatic generation of data analysis graphs.     

User Interface

  •  Easy to learn because all other data manipulations software use a similar interface.
  • Save and restore complete work sessions
  • Undo changes to data to some levels
  • Integrated with internet explorer to check what is new in Severcansp webpage.
  • Powerful interactive spectral display features for visual analysis of data. 
Display data
  • Spectra data display includes interactive expand, roll and zoom
  • Autoscale X, Y, or X and Y
  • Data can be displayed in Full-Screen mode for increased resolution
  • Live cursor position direct read-out data.
  • Export spectral data to Microsoft Excel file formats.

Supported File Format

  • Perkin Elmer (.sp)

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